Outdoor activities Truss tents and aluminum alloy European awnings which kind of good

2023-04-10 14:30:59

Outdoor activities temporary tent, there are two kinds, one is Truss tent, another is aluminum alloy European awnings, these two kinds of awnings have what advantages and disadvantages, how to choose

Aluminum alloy European awning room, outdoor activity exhibition hall

Aluminum alloy European awning house outdoor quickly build the house

Truss a tent

A Truss tent is also called a space truss tent or a light truss tent; Aluminum alloy European awning room is also called German greenhouses, European tents, aluminum tents. Truss tents and aluminum alloy European canopies are the main uses of the name, we should know what advantages and disadvantages.


Truss tent is mainly used in light construction, as the name suggests, light frame tent, shelf used in tent construction, not its professional use, because the size of the light frame, 0.5 meters long, 1 meter long, 2 meters long size, so that the use of light frame tent strong applicability.Aluminum alloy European awning house is used to do outdoor tents, professional tents, specifications and sizes are developed according to a certain standard, the size of the site applicability is not flexible.


1 site size applicability is strong, their size specifications to 0.5 meters as a unit, height size is also 0.5 meters unit plus or minus, the height of the difficulty to build little impact, all costs, the impact of high and low prices is not obvious.

2 affordable.Truss tent tarpaulin has Oxford cloth and printing cloth two kinds, Oxford cloth price is more affordable, printing cloth price is slightly higher.

3. New tarpaulin. Tarpaulin is disposable, so from the appearance of clean old and new degree of cost-effective.

Aluminum alloy European awning room: 1. High structural stability performance: aluminum alloy European awning room for the standard modular design, the use of European awning room, decided on the span, length of modular, not affected by the length. Different span, the size of the main structure material is not the same, standardized modules, also determines the European main structure material selection is strict, with a unified standard.

2 waterproof performance: European awning house tarpaulin PVC film cloth, tarpaulin is completely waterproof, tarpaulin service life is strong, high strength, also feel European awning house windproof waterproof performance is higher than Truss tent.

3. Strong wind resistance, European canopies standardized, modular structure and tarpaulin performance, determine the structure of European canopies stable, wind resistance, European canopies in the outdoor completely fixed state, wind resistance to 8-10.

4. Enclosed around: European awnings design comes from simple house design, so European awnings can be added around the cloth, the whole awnings can be used in sealing design, and the interior of the awnings can be installed with air conditioning and heating.

5. It is convenient to install air conditioning or heating inside

6 snow resistance: European canopies have a certain snow resistance, European canopies slope is large, and the tarpaulin is smooth, small snow on the roof can not stop, so it has a certain snow resistance.

7. Earthquake resistance: the European awning homeowner's frame is made of 6061-T6 high-strength aluminum alloy material, the whole is connected by screws, and there are cuttings, the overall stiffness and toughness is good, with grade 7 earthquake resistance.


Truss Truss used in tents, its structural stability is relatively poor, poor wind performance, outdoor use of wind resistance is 4-5, more than 6 levels of wind, the overall stability is more dangerous, serious shaking.

2. Poor waterproof performance: Oxford cloth density is low, does not have waterproof performance, generally light rain is OK, heavy rain outside the shed, shed light rain.

3. Short service life: the difference belongs to disposable materials, poor quality of the tarpaulin, the wind is easy to tear, outdoor construction time more than 15 days, tarpaulin is basically aging.

Aluminum alloy European style awning house: 1 size ability is poor, European style awning house standardized system, the width of the shed specifications are 3 meters, 6 meters, 8 meters, 10 meters, 12 meters, 15 meters, 18 meters, 20 meters, 25 meters, 30 meters, 35 meters, 40 meters, choose tarpaulin only in these size specifications of the choice, not according to the site size of the smallest increase or decrease.

2. Price: Aluminum alloy European awning housing cost is high, the rental cost is relatively expensive.

3. It is difficult to build: different specifications of awnings, different heights of different prices, that is because European awnings construction and transportation difficulties are related to the width and height of the awnings.

To sum up, outdoor activities choose tents, if the customer has high requirements for safety performance, then choose aluminum alloy European awning house, if the customer to cost control, then choose Truss tent. After all, you get what you pay for.